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Inline Skates

Day two on the inline skates went pretty well. I skated about a mile and used the cane significantly less than yesterday. I still struggle on the uphill portions but downhill and flat are progressing nicely.


My wife and I have been going through closets. We went through a suitcase that had been closed up for 19 years and found some shirts we had been missing (including my geeky science shirts). There are three huge bags to take to Goodwill. Nice to clear out some clutter.


The fish room remains about 90% complete. I have been preoccupied with other things and haven’t gotten around to the finishing touches. Petco has a dollar per gallon tank sale, so I should pick up the last 10-gallon tank I need before the sale ends.


I started going through edits on A Darkling Nine a couple of days ago and found working with side-by-side documents only works until you edit to the point they get out of synch. I need to find another solution to that. I still hope to be done with those edits by the end of February, of not sooner. I also started some preliminary discussion with Steven Groves on doing a non-fiction project. More about that when the time is right.

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