Off to Camp / Percussion Recital

This morning, we loaded up the truck and I dropped Russell off at the church where the troop meets. Here, Russell is posing with his Scoutmaster, Mr. Usher. After we dropped Russell off, we took Reanna to her recital practice session. She takes lessons from Wes Hawkins at Rhythm is… Continue reading

Spring 2008 Piano Recital

Today was the annual spring piano recital. Reanna played 9th and executed very well. After her evaluation last month, the judge named her and her piece as one he particularly enjoyed. Here she is playing Polonaise (BVW Anhang 119) by Johann Sebastian Bach. Here, she receives her purple ribbon for… Continue reading

P.I.L.O.T.S. Culmination

This evening we attended the 6th-grade “P.I.L.O.T.S. Culmination.” They can’t have a 6th-grade graduation, so instead they have a ceremony to cap off the school’s 6th-grade service program. You can see about the three committees and PILOTS here. Here is Reanna in her dress, waiting to go on the stage… Continue reading

Perpetual Motion

April is getting into full swing. It’s the time of year when the schools all have their major field trips, the music programs have recitals and evaluations, and the scouts start preparing for the upcoming summer camp. It starts next week with my eldest daughter, Audrey. The middle school bands… Continue reading


The family is settling in for another school year. Audrey is in honor band at Desert Shadows Middle School. She’s playing flute and piccolo. Reanna changed instruments after her oral surgery. She stopped playing clarinet and is now a percussionist. She started lessons with glockenspiel a few weeks ago. Looks… Continue reading