Update on next audio book 8/16/17

Recording began today on Rick’s novel “Rigel Kentaurus,” a space opera set in the Alpha Centauri system.

The plan is to complete all the recording before the end of Labor Day weekend.  With aggressive editing, the audio book might be ready by the end of the year. This book is significantly longer than “Fishpunk'” the first of Rick’s books to be converted to audio.

The podcast audio will go a lot quicker, but the theme music has not yet been composed, much less recorded. Plans are also to write the long-awaited sequel before the end of the year, as well.

Please be patient. The next audio book is coming, but there’s a lot going on behind the scenes. Much of that activity is unrelated to these projects.

The good news is the audio equipment is all set up, and recording began today, reaching the end of chapter 2 of 53.

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