Website is Back

After a couple of years of neglect, I started working on getting back online and into shape. It had been slow loading because the site used more resources than the shared server provided. Cross-posting to social media was broken, which appears to have been caused by Jetpack not being able to see the site.

I decided to invest the money to upgrade the account hosting this site. I still have a few other sites on the shared server but they aren’t much used. and they’re paid for through march 2022. That gives me enough time to figure out what I want to do with them.

I’ve also decided to hire technical support in the form of Jeremiah Tolbert, of whom I have heard good things from other writers he supports.

You might ask why I’m hiring support when I have the technical chops to support the site myself. Jeremiah might often log in to find all the maintenance is already done and ask the same question.

The answer is because I can’t do everything. I’ve been back to working full time for over two years now, and the fiction engine is finally running again. I don’t have always have time for it.

Plus, I know myself. I have runs where I’m on top of something followed by months of neglect. it’s just how I work, and Jeremiah is there to maintain the site when I’m not paying it much attention.

From your perspective, the site will be faster–this should already be the case–and content will start to come out. Content was stymied by technical issues that I’m hoping to have corrected by the time Jeremiah’s support kicks in next month.

Here we go. I’m back!

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