Fiction Roundup March 2020

Getting back on the horse was a bit difficult. I had a spark of motivation when both Mary Robinette Kowal and Aliette de Bodard won awards last spring. With a little inspiration from a picture tweeted by C. C. Finlay, I managed to get the writing engine kickstarted.

It sputtered at first, but I finished several stories since that time. I managed to crank out 4400-word story based on that picture. It still needs some editing. I wrote two flash stories, one of which I like a lot. I wrote a 7800 word thing I had to get out of my system. As a story it needs something else. Finally, the most recent story turned out just shy of 10,000 words.

Only a couple of these are currently circulating. Most of them are in need of more work. However, on top of those, i rediscovered my partials inventory. One of the stories there was pretty much done in that it needed only a polish. That one is circulating. The other is a 10,000 word partial that I like enough to finish. It will probably end up as my first ever novella (17,500 to 49,999 words). The incomplete story has a pretty good idea, but it was written over 10 years ago. I picked up where I left off. It took me a couple days to remember where it was going, but it came back to me. The first half needs some attention but I’ll fix that once I have a complete draft. I’m hoping to have a full draft later this month.

That’s the news for now. No sales to report yet this year, but I have material circulating. Hopefully soon.

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