Friend Asked: How to Find an Agent

Recently, I got a message from a friend. He told me a relative was 30,000 words into a novel and wanted to know how to find an agent.

Now, this is a perfectly legitimate question, but the timing was wrong. No agent or editor will show any interest in a … Continue reading

Slide Fire

Several days ago, when the Slide Fire first broke out, I sent out a tweet predicting it to become a very dangerous major fire. By this morning, the fire was expected to be as large as 8000 acres, with almost 850 firefighters working hard to get some containment.

Oh no. … Continue reading

On the Predictibility of Christian Fiction

Funny how things happen sometimes. My daughter brings home movie passes from time to time as a benefit of working at the theater. So, just a few hours after writing yesterday’s blog entry about science and faith, I was on my way to see the film God’s Not Dead.

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Charismatic Scientists

I have been thinking about science education lately. Not the kind you get in school. Rather, the education that comes from watching charismatic men (for some reason it seems to always be men) of science on the television.

When I was growing up, we had Carl Sagan, we had Phillip … Continue reading

Early New Years Resolution for 2014

It’s time for me to ramp up the writing in 2014. I’ve assembled a list of goals that I would like to accomplish in 2-14. they are:

1. Finish edits on “A Darkling Nine” by end of February and start circulating to agents.
2. Write first draft of “Proxima … Continue reading

My Impression of Caress of Steel

After completing my Rush studio album collection, I decided to listen for an extended period to each album in the order released to observe how the band evolved over 40 years. My impression of earlier albums are linked at the end.

Caress of Steel

Caress of Steel picks up right … Continue reading

The Racist World in Which We Live

From the expulsion of Vox Day from SFWA to the recent controversy over the planned showing of Disney’s Song of the South at Worldcon, racism, sexism, and other isms seem to have become the topic du jour.

It’s a subject that gets everyone riled up, and often accompanied by phrases … Continue reading