I Don’t Want to See Police Lives Matter

I don’t want to see anything that says “Police Lives Matter” in the next 24 hours.

Here’s the thing–Cop Lives Matter, or even All Lives Matter is a reaction to Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter is different from both because, as one of my friends so pointedly put it, … Continue reading

Sad/Rabid Puppy Disavowal

This is a preemptive public statement that I completely disavow any desire to be affiliated in any way with Angry Puppies or Rabid Puppies in their current or any future incarnation. Regarding my current and future works of fiction or non-fiction, if anything of mine appears on a puppy slate … Continue reading

Reflections on an Accident

Occasionally in life, one goes through certain struggles. When those struggles involve family, it really makes you stop and assess everything.

A week ago, my oldest daughter was in an auto accident. The rear driver-side tire blew. She went into a spin on a normally busy freeway, and the front … Continue reading