A Trip to the Moon

A Trip to the Moon More like a trip into the past Netflix recently added on the streaming side the 1902 silent film A Trip to the Moon (or in the original French Le Voyage dans la Lune). This film, touted as the very first science fiction film and often… Continue reading

Occasional Ort #2 – The Polymath

Occasional Ort #2 The polymath, an individual whose knowledge has breadth and depth. It is an interesting concept, and yet, we rarely talk about them anymore. In fact, what we do talk about from time to time are the jacks of all trades. We give those a negative connotation from… Continue reading

Occasional Ort #1 – Anthropic Science

This post marks the beginning of something I hope to do a lot more of. The Occasional Ort is intended to be an introduction to something that I find interesting and want the opportunity to share with others. So, here we go…. Occasional Ort #1 Did you know that the… Continue reading