Goga’s First Law

I learned recently that my story “Goga’s First Law” will be a part of the Aether Age anthology from M-Brane SF.  The anthology is a shared universe project being edited by Brandon Bell and Christopher Fletcher.

The shared universe has the premise that our solar system enters a cloud of breathable gas, called the aether.  This has the effect of changing history.  The Roman Empire never rose, Egypt remained powerful, and so forth. The Aether allows much earlier space travel and colonization of the moon and nearby planets.

In “Goga’s  First Law,” I explore an interesting physical effect that I believe would happen, but I’ll refrain from giving any spoilers.

The story is currently undergoing editing as part of the effort to make the stories consistent with each other.  That’s the difficulty of a shared universe, and Fletcher and Bell have an unenviable job to do there.

More details as they come available.

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