Announcing 2020 Visions Table of Contents

After months of reading and screening stories, after cutting loose stories I liked but just weren’t quite right, and after waiting on the publisher to give me the green light, here is the awaited table of contents for the 2020 Visions anthology.

1. Mary Robinette KowalBirthright

2. Sheila FinchThe Persistence of Butterflies

3. Randy HendersonA Shelter for Living Things

4. Jason S. Ridler Showing Light

5. Ernest HoganRadiation is Groovy, Kill the Pigs

6. David Lee SummersThe Revelation of Thought

7. Jeff SpockTeh Afterl1fe (This is not a typo – Rick)

8. Emily Devenport If the Sun’s at Five O’Clock, It Must be Yellow Daisies

9. Cat RamboTherapy Buddha

10. Jack ManganDead Rookies

11. David Boop Organ Cloning While You Wait

12. Spencer EllsworthThe Black Plague of Our Generation

13. Gareth L. PowellThe Bigger The Star, The Faster It Burns

14. Alethea KontisPocket Full of Posey

15. Alex WilsonNervewrecking

16. David GerroldTime Capsule 2120: Actual Comments from Lunar Tourists

Over the next two weeks, I will be focusing a blog post on each author, along with the reasons I accepted the story in question.  I hope to do this without providing any substantial spoilers.

I am extremely pleased with the list of stories that will be a part of this volume, as well as the positive response that I got from the authors invited to submit.  This volume will have a mix of well-established writers, new rising stars, and a few names that you may not have heard from yet, but will certainly be seeing more of in the future.

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