Desert Goby Eggs Hatched & Some Ricefish

Back on December 7th, I posted on my desert gobies breeding.  Yesterday, a good number of them hatched, so here is an update.  Thus far, I have about 30 little gobies with about as many eyed-up eggs still in the breeding cave.  Not sure whether those will hatch, though in previous spawns most eggs did hatch.  Here is a photo of the little bundles of joy.










They are currently feeding off the remainder of their yolk sacs, but I have put some microworms into the tank in case they get hungry.  This evening I will start the brine shrimp hatchery to generate baby brine shrimp to add to the microworm diet.

I also made a researched impulse buy today.  One of the local fish stores just got in some wild caught Oryzias Woworae, Blue Neon Rice Fish, aka Daisy’s Ricefish.  It is my hope to be able to breed these fish to take pressure off the native habitat.  In general, captive breeding success makes wild collecting expensive, so successful breeding is important in terms of preservation of species.  Ricefish are supposed to be fairly easy to breed, so we will see.

Oryzias woworae









The fish are pretty stressed right now after being moved so much.  I currently have them in a 2.5-gallon tank as quarantine.  Since these are wild-caught fish, I want to ensure they will not bring any diseases into my other tanks.  They will be quarantined for 30 days, during which they will receive some medicated flake food (assuming they will accept it).  In particular, they will receive food to treat internal parasites that are so common among wild-caught fish.  After 30 days, they will move in with my Dario dario.

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