Wombats #1

Back in 1994, I was working for a small start-up company with, as it turns out, a spec fic poet named Keith Allen Daniels, who passed away eleven years ago. Keith was one of the first people to read one of my then very rough short stories and was honest about how bad it really was. I’ve improved a little since then, thankfully.

Another thing I was doing back in those days was penning a little comic strip. Keith was really the only person I ever shared them with, and he thought they were terrific. They were unnamed, and Keith dubbed them the “Wombats.” Thus, this comic is called Wombats. Some of them are strips, others are square. It just depended on my mood at the time.

I haven’t drawn wombats in, jeez, I hate to think how long. Eighteen years? Anyway, I decided that I would share these comics with my readers. Just remember, these are almost 20 years old, I leaned farther to the right, and a lot of these were political in nature. In some cases, you’ll have to think back to the events of the day, or they won’t be funny out of context.

I have maybe 20 of these comics. I originally planned to include them in my collection Accretion, but the ebook file size was just too big with that many graphic files. So, I am sharing them here, and if the response is positive, I’ll see whether I can draw some new ones.

Without further ado, here is the first Wombats cartoon. This one was right about the time that the movie Star Trek Generations was in the theaters.

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