Taos and the Artist I Met

I had meant to post this yesterday, but the virus my desktop computer caught did derail that plan. Fortunately, I have a laptop computer to use, even if it is old and decrepit and slow.

Right after we left the Rio Grande gorge, we went into Taos to walk around and check out the shops. While walking down Bent Street, we went into Earth and Spirit Gallery, owned by artist Shari Ubechel.

If you click through to her website, you’ll see as the backdrop a very cool painting of a nebula with pueblos built into the dust. In real life, this painting also has glow-in-the-dark features and it lights up. I’d love to embed the painting into the blog post, but I don’t exactly have the rights to do that.

Anyway, Shari and I got to talking, and the possibility of her doing a book cover for me arose. Turns out she is a big SF and Fantasy fan, so it was a pleasant surprise in Taos, since I wasn’t really expecting to find a potential cover artist. On top of that, she likes to hid images in the details of her paintings, which is something I love and would probably do could I produce art that looked any better than a first grade crayon job.

If you are ever in Taos, check out Shari’s gallery. She also has Native American art, and she paints guitars, as well. Most of that can be found in her online gallery, but her space art doesn’t seem to be there other than the backdrop. Her gallery is near Moby Dickens Books. (Another cool store to spend some time and money in.)

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