Bills at Cardinals Wrapup

Yes, this was an ugly game. The Cardinals had every opportunity to win it, and if not for a rare blocked kick by Jay Feely, they would have done it again. After hitting a 61-yeard field goal to tie the game, the winning kick was deflected just enough to hit the upright and bounce back toward the field. An inch to the right and the ball goes in. The untimely interception in overtime clinched it for Buffalo.

The defense did its job, holding the Bills under 20 points, but the anemic Cardinals offense sputtered again. With no running game to speak of, and a porous offensive line, the passing game is constantly blitzed. Kolb pickup several first downs with his feet. Unfortunately, it was a busted running play that knocked him out of the game. The practice squad running back went the wrong way, forcing Kolb to scramble, and he got hit one too many times. Skelton came in cold and it showed. But it should have been good enough. The game truly did come down to that blocked kick with 3 seconds on the clock in the 4th quarter.

Arizona has one of the best defenses in the NFL, but the offense has got to be at the bottom. I think the Cards will be 8-8 at best this season. Holding the opponent under 20 points is great defense, but the team still needs to score more than the opponent, and that is very hard for this team to do. Watching Aaron Rodgers light up the Houston scoreboard with 6 TD passes made the contrast very stark. Everything comes down to that horrible offensive line.

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