Odds an Dends

Odds an Dends. That title was a typo, but I liked it enough to keep it.

Not sure how to follow up after yesterday’s post about Sportsball. It has by far the most hits of any blog post ever, and I doubt this one will live up to expectations.

Feel like I’m getting sick. There’s never a good time for that, but I can think of many times that would be worse than now. Still, it’s no fun running on less than full power.

On the writing front, I should probably wait until tomorrow’s status report to talk about what little there is. I did receive a rejection letter and it annoyed me. Not the rejection, just the letter. I don’t like when editors try to soften the blow of rejection. Just tell me you don’t want it. I’m not a beginner and I don’t need you to cushion the blow. Believe me, I’ve had work rejected by better markets than yours.

What also gets on my nerves is when writers take to social media to bemoan their rejection letters. Grow some backbone and thicken your skin, or just quit writing if you can’t handle rejection. Or, cry somewhere I don’t have to know about it.

On the brighter side of news, my high school classmate Tom Underberg just had a story published in Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. Help him celebrate by running out to buy a copy.

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