Commercial Misuse of Political Sign Laws

Here we go again, more bizarre and unethical activity in Arizona, this time by a local business posting commercial advertising under the guise of political advertising.

Stingray Sushi of Phoenix and Scottsdale, AZ have erected advertising signs for their businesses with only a hint of political content with a token … Continue reading

Voting Rights Act of 1965

Steeped in the politics of the 1960s and the emergence of legal equality for all Americans, the Voting Rights Act required states that did not comply by 1972 to get federal approval for any legislation involving voting procedures, including things as mundane as drawing school district boundaries.

Arizona was one … Continue reading

Addendum on Tea Party / Credit Rating Post

The following comes from the executive summary portion of the S&P document which downgraded the US credit rating. They do cite other factors, but these two bullet points glow in the dark as a charged political statement.

More broadly, the downgrade reflects our view that the effectiveness, stability, and … Continue reading

Why the Tea Party is to Blame for the AA+ Rating

While Washington bickers back and forth about who is to blame for Standard and Poor’s reducing the credit rating of the United States, and Wall Street bails out of the market, sending the Dow crashing over 600 points today, let’s look a little more closely at the reason it has … Continue reading

I’m Angry and You Should Be Too

Earlier this evening, the credit rating of the United States was reduced from AAA to AA. The phrase ‘the full faith and credit of the United States’ was made obsolete at the same time.

How did it come to this? Who is to blame? Democrats have traditionally spent and spent. … Continue reading

Standing Up for Liberty

One member of Congress, libertarian Republican Texas Representative Ron Paul, takes a stand. He introduced a bill to remove government immunity from TSA officers to disallow any activity that non-government personnel cannot do. It would allow for TSA gropers to be arrested for assault.

Watch his passion in this video … Continue reading

Sick of Campaign Calls? Let’s Do Something About It

I have had 8 (!) telephone calls soliciting my vote in the past hour. I don’t want to hear from these slimeballs. They are harassing me and every other voter in this state.

Since politicans are unable and unwilling to regulate themselves, here is my proposal for a ballot … Continue reading