Thursday Thoughts – Reverence

Today rounds out the 12 points of the scout law I have been using to fill the first 12 weeks of this new meme. The twelfth point of the Scout Law reads “A scout is reverent.”

Rarely do I discuss religion on this blog, and never do I evangelize. I … Continue reading

Thursday Thoughts – Bravery

I have been going through the 12 points of the scout law to kick off this meme. Today we’re looking at point 10, a scout is brave.

When we think of bravery, images of people running into a burning building to rescue somebody come to mind. That certainly is one … Continue reading

Boy Scouts Moving in the Direction of Equality?

It has been a contentious battle for those affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America who would like to drop the exclusion of gay individuals and those who want to keep it in place. The reasons for both sides are deep-rooted in peoples’ upbringing and strongly-held belief systems.

I saw … Continue reading

The So-Called Arab Winter

Let’s start out with the confession that, like most Americans, I have no ties to the Middle-East. Because of that, like me, most Americans have difficulty understanding the motivation for the actions of the people in these lands.

Violence erupted on September 11th across the Arab world, supposedly in response … Continue reading

The Real Problem with American Politics

13 years living in Arizona observing the state government, and now this presidential race, have convinced me that the main problem with American politics is there is no accountability for conflicts of interest.

Scottsdale passed an ordinance banning temporary signs, so the state passed a law making it illegal to … Continue reading

It’s Russell Pearce Again…

Russell Pearce has some opinions on what the victims in Aurora, CO should have done.

Frankly, I think forcing EVERYONE to feel like they HAVE to be armed at all times is just as bad or even more dangerous than trying to eliminate guns completely. There are some serious … Continue reading

Wombats #11 – My Personal Favorite

Of all the Wombat comics I drew back in 1994, this one has to be my personal favorite.

A lot of my readers may be too young to remember Bill Clinton’s first campaign for president. At that time, it became known that Bill Clinton avoided service in Vietnam by … Continue reading

Rep David Schweikert (R-Ariz) Responds to my Email Opposing HR3523 (CISPA)

Yesterday, I contacted Rep. David Schweikert to voice my opposition to HR3523, aka CISPA.

I confess I was pessimistic about his position on this matter, as he tends to vote along tea-party lines, and opposing CISPA is more of a libertarian (small L) position.

I received an email from … Continue reading

Gov. Jan Brewer Finds a Spine!

Despite all the wacko nutjob politicians in Arizona who push through legislation regardless of whether the people they represent want it or not, there was a glimmer of hope in this morning’s paper.

Governor Jan Brewer vetoed a bill being pushed through by reactionary members of the Arizona GOP, … Continue reading

Senator Jon Kyl’s Response to My Objection to SOPA

Just prior to the huge internet boycott, I wrote a brief letter to Jon Kyl, the junior senator from Arizona (where I live).  Here is his response:

Dear Mr. Novy:

Thank you for contacting me about the legislation before Congress intended to combat foreign Internet trafficking in counterfeit and pirated … Continue reading