2020 Visions Author #11 – David Boop

With a story that can easily be taken as symbolic of some events in today’s world, David Boop represents the #11 spot in the table of contents of 2020 Visions with a story called Organ Cloning While You Wait.

I have known David for a number of years, mainly just impromptu chats in the hallway at conventions.  In addition to short fiction published in several anthologies, he has also seen one of his stage plays produced and a short screenplay filmed.  His novel, She Murdered Me With Science was released in 2008 by Flying Pen Press.

David grew up in the home of non-denominational ministers, and considers himself a man of great faith, yet he shies away from organized religion.  David Boop is his real name, and he uses his experiences of being the target of jokes in his youth to help teach his son how to let the little things go.

I interviewed David while I was still producing the Novy MIRror video podcast.  We chatted during the 2009 Westercon in Tempe, Arizona.  You can watch that interview here.

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