Monday Status Report – 3/18/13

This past week has been productive, if not hectic. It also marks the first chapter I have written in this novel where I was fighting off falling asleep, so I know I have part of one session that reads like a stream-of-consciousness random psychobabble passage. I’ll figure out what I meant and fix it on revision.

I did not overshoot the target word counts by much at all this week, but I did manage to hit the target every day this past week.

For the week, novel A Darkling Nine stats:

New words: 12,445 against target 12250 words.
Project total: 88698 of a target 110,000 words.

I’m not sure 110,000 words will be enough to wrap up the novel. It might run a little longer than that for the first draft, and I’m certain subsequent drafts will be somewhat longer since I tend to fill in details on the second pass. But, we shall see.

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