The Great Science Fiction Civil War, Part 3

The Great Science Fiction Civil War Rages On

Great Science Fiction Civil War on

Here we go again. This morning, I logged into Facebook to see if I had a response from my physician/writer friend pertaining to the previous post on a new Arizona law. There was no response, but I did find a new salvo in the Great Science Fiction Civil War. This one fired by the “Sad Puppies” side, the political conservatives.

The Sad Puppy Squad consists of: Larry Correia, a man I met a number of years ago and seemed like a decent guy but have had negligible interaction with him since, Brad Torgerson, I guy I have been online friends with for many years and haven’t had any trouble with, and Vox Day, aka Theodore Beale, a man I have never met.

For completeness, I should point out that Beale did pull one of my twitter posts as evidence I am part of the vast left-wing “conspiracy of hate,” but I have had no other interaction with the man. Beale has gone out of his way to create a rather monstrous online personality, but as I said, I have never met him, and I have no idea whether that is show biz or a true reflection of his personality. Without more data, I don’t form an opinion about him.

That aside, if you read this post by Chicks on the Right, it’s pretty clear that the Sad Puppy side feels like they are the ones under attack. What disturbs me is a “Sad Puppy” nomination slate for the Hugo Awards. Even more troubling is they feel it’s necessary and authors on that slate fear retaliation that can damage the ability to make a living.

I’ve said it before, there’s room for everyone at the table. I’ve already declared I have a decent relationship with two of the three sad puppies, but I also have a decent relationship with those on the other side, the so-called Social Justice Warrior side. I’m not picking sides here. Like many disagreements, both sides are right about a great deal of their platform, even if they are mutually exclusive. One side’s solution adds to the other side’s grievances.

This in-fighting is unprofessional, immature, and often descends into simple hatred. I won’t call out individual names for this part of the discussion, but, I have seen friends on the political left and friends on the political right both stoop to playground bullying, and it’s pathetic. There’s no reason for this kind of vitriol. Attack posts on blogs, mean-spirited attacks on social media, and a refusal to listen to anything the other side says. The fact that most of the battles occur online means there is not a face at the other side of the attack. The tonal inflections and body language that would clarify meaning in person just isn’t there.

Truce on

I want to put this out there. If anyone on either side wants to make an honest effort to call a truce and work on a peaceful resolution to the differences we have, I am willing to mediate. I’m politically independent. I did not vote for Reagan, I did not vote for Clinton. I have voted for both Democrats and Republicans. I have close friends who are on the religious right, and I understand that point of view. They would align with the Sad Puppies. I also have close friends who are athiestic liberals, and I understand that point of view, too. They would align with the Social Justice Warriors.

I offer myself as an objective mediator should anyone want to try ending the Great Science Fiction Civil War by coming to a consensus agreement instead of by unconditional surrender. Believe me, neither side will capitulate, but the war is corroding the community from the inside. If it isn’t treated, it’s only going to get worse.

Do I have any takers?

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