Wednesday Writer – Novy Interviews Alex Shvartsman

Alex Shvartsman is a Russian-born writer of science fiction and fantasy who only appeared on the scene a couple of years ago.  He was once a professional player of Magic: The Gathering, and now operates King Games, the largest game store and internet cafe in New York City.

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Wednesday Writer – Novy Interviews Ian Creasey

This week, I interview reclusive British author Ian Creasey. I’ve known Ian through the Codex Writer Group for a number of years. We have critiqued each others’ stories a number of times, and I’ve always been impressed with his measured and calculated approach.

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Wednesday Writer – Novy Interviews Matt Forbeck

I have decided to do a weekly interview with various writers for several reasons. One, I find that writers are interesting people, two, I can learn from them, and three, I often ask things that other people don’t.

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