Wednesday Writer – Novy Interviews Tobias Buckell

I met Tobias Buckell through the Codex Writers Group a number of years ago. He is a full time writer and an e-book creator. His blog has thoughtful commentary on a variety of topics.

This is the second time I have interviewed Tobias, the first being … Continue reading

What Happened to Wednesday Writer Interviews?

Short answer: nothing.

Long answer: I decided to suspend the interviews during my novel release activities.  It’s only fair that my website activity revolve around my work during a release.

Wednesday Writer interviews will return in two weeks.  In the mean time, have another look at my interview with Continue reading

Wednesday Writer – Novy Interviews Jack Mangan

Yes, I skipped last week, and yes today is Thursday.  I blacked out yesterday for the SOPA protest.

Today, I interview Jack Mangan.  I’ve known Jack for several years.  We live in the same town, we have sat on panels together at the local con, and once we even … Continue reading