Winter – Part 2 #FreeFiction

WINTER RICK NOVY Part 2 – Land One tribal human approached as the others raised their weapons.  He approached Hodges, stopping out of arms reach.  He spoke, but it was gibberish, and meant nothing to Yutiko, and apparently meant nothing to Hodges or Lumstrum either. Hodges turned to Yutiko and… Continue reading

Road Rage #FreeFiction

Today’s story is called Road Rage. it features a rather unsympathetic protag, something I don’t normally do. Road Rage appeared in the February, 2009 issue of M-Brane SF. It is a 5000 word story that was my 25th published. ROAD RAGE RICK NOVY      Robbie Kent hated crowds.  He also… Continue reading

Hole in the Wall #FreeFiction

Here is the next of my previously published stories that I’ve decided to share while we’re all cooped up in the house. this story is called Hole in the Wall. It was my 4th published story, appearing in the May 2006 issue of Atomjack magazine. It’s another relatively short one… Continue reading

How to Thwart a Dictator #FreeFiction

Since we’re all pretty much homebodies these days, I thought I’d share some of my previously published fiction. I’ll be posting these stories regularly until we’re out of this situation or I’m out of stories to share. The stories range in size from flash fiction of a few hundred words… Continue reading