Bills at Cardinals

I don’t think I’ve ever seen the Bills and Cardinals play before, so this will be a bit new for me. The Bills have a good young quarterback with ties to Arizona in Ryan Fitzpatrick. He grew up watching Jake Plummer, so there are some real personal items on his agenda for this game.

Aside from that, the Bills have been torn to shreds the past two weeks, with opponents scoring nearly a combined 100 points for those two games.

On the other hand, the Cardinals are deep into the roster at the running back position and their offensive line has played very poorly, letting Kevin Kolb get sacked 17 times in the past two games.

Here’s the reality. When the Bills have the ball, it’s a mediocre offense against one of the best defenses in the NFL. The Cards have held the opponent to under 20 points in all but one game. The Dolphins scored 21. The Cardinals defense is banged up, but the depth here is good and they play better when everyone disregards them, and that’s the situation they find themselves in after last week’s Thursday night game. Edge Cardinals.

When the Cardinals have the ball, you have an anemic offense against an anemic defense. Honestly, anything can happen, but much depends on the young, inexperienced back up running backs, and as always, getting the ball to Larry Fitzgerald. Edge: None.

Special Teams, when the Cardinals execute, they are among the best. They tend to give up returns that are too long, but Calais Campbell is always a threat to block a kick, and Patrick Peterson, well, look at what he did last year. He’s due.

I think the Cardinal win, but it’s going to be a close game, and very low scoring. On the other hand, if the Cardinals ever had a chance to score some points, this game would be it.

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