Thursday Thoughts – obedience

I’ve been goign through the 12 points of the scout law, and today we hit point #7, a scout is obedient. Taking this out of context is one of the more controversial points that not everyone will agree upon. Remember that the scout law was written with teenaged boys in mind–teenaged boys where a smaller number of adults are responsible for their safety. Having boys disobey the adults during the few occasions they do need to step in would make it a nightmare. Also, since scouting is boy-led when done properly, they need to obey their own chain of command to they can complete their tasks and camp outs safely.

That foundation aside, there are still applications for obedience, even in the most independent spirit. Sure, at work you must obey the boss or risk being fired for insubordination, but I’m talking about something more subtle. Be true to yourself.

There is an inner authority figure inside out own heads, and this authority knows the difference between right and wrong, effective use of time and wasting time, and just general how to be a good you instructions. It’s this inner authority we must ultimately obey or face the consequences. And that’s the real thought I want to leave with you today. Be true to yourself.

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