A Man Walks Into a Bookstore

In this morning’s paper, there was an article about a man named Omar Amin, a 73-year-old physician and grandfather, who was shopping for books to give his grandchildren. As doctors are prone to do, he answered a cell phone call. Somebody complained, and a Barnes and Noble employee removed him… Continue reading

An Abomination – Tattooed Fish, Believe it or not!

Because I live in the northeast corner of town and we have urban mountain that make getting around a bit more difficult, there are a few local fish stores I have not visited.  I made my first visit to a pair of them today. One of the stores, Phoenix Tropical… Continue reading

Sexual Harassment at SFF Conventions, or “Here We Go Again”

It seems every couple of years we have an event where somebody’s true colors emerge.  Once again, we have a recurring theme of sexual harassment and to some extent even sexual assault. This time it happened at World Fantasy Convention this past weekend in San Diego. A summary of events… Continue reading

Harriet Oleson Runs Glendale High School?

When October rolls around, attention is always focused on Breast Cancer. NFL players wear pink shoes, Race for the Cure, and many other activities make sure we are aware of that. Kids want to participate.  Last year, there was a hubbub in a local middle school when administrators banned the… Continue reading

Steve Jobs and a little of my stupidity

Last night, the world lost one of its great idea people.  When Steve Wozniak, a technical wizard, and Steve jobs, an idea man with charisma, business savvy, and a vision for the future unmatched in the past quarter century. It is a great loss to the world.  To the Apple… Continue reading

Commercial Misuse of Political Sign Laws

Here we go again, more bizarre and unethical activity in Arizona, this time by a local business posting commercial advertising under the guise of political advertising. Stingray Sushi of Phoenix and Scottsdale, AZ have erected advertising signs for their businesses with only a hint of political content with a token… Continue reading

I’m Angry and You Should Be Too

Earlier this evening, the credit rating of the United States was reduced from AAA to AA. The phrase ‘the full faith and credit of the United States’ was made obsolete at the same time. How did it come to this? Who is to blame? Democrats have traditionally spent and spent…. Continue reading

Standing Up for Liberty

One member of Congress, libertarian Republican Texas Representative Ron Paul, takes a stand. He introduced a bill to remove government immunity from TSA officers to disallow any activity that non-government personnel cannot do. It would allow for TSA gropers to be arrested for assault. Watch his passion in this video… Continue reading

Some Things Never Change

It seems some things never change. Persons in a position of power still take advantage of people whom they are in a position to help. What I’m talking about here is based upon what Jim Hines called to my attention via his Live Journal entry about some very inexcusable behavior… Continue reading