China Miéville wants you to know that he does not have a Facebook account.

I really have a problem with a social media outlet that does NOTHING to verify accounts of persons with recognizable names. Twitter can verify accounts, and I know they do because I follow Bill Cosby, Tom Bodette, Kurt Warner, Aaron Rogers, and Larry Fitzgerald. Each of them has a small… Continue reading

Occupied U.S. Territory

We have a large swath of Arizona that is akin to a beachhead for drug smugglers. This part of the desert is guarded by Mexican smugglers with military-style units and automatic weapons that outgun local police. A sheriff’s deputy was attacked with automatic rifle fire a few weeks ago. The… Continue reading

I Think I Know Why

As I read this morning about the continuing disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, it occurred to me that I know what the problem is. Not with the oil spill, but with life in general, especially in the United States. Everyone is myopically egocentric. Maybe this is already obvious to… Continue reading

The Post in Which I Utter a Naughty Word

Congress has finally passed the health care reform bill and I sit here not on the side of the Democrats rejoicing in their victory, nor do I sit here in rebellion along with the incensed Republicans.  Rather, I sit here absolutely disgusted at what American politics has turned into. For… Continue reading

Nation’s First Freeway Photo Radar

Last week, the City of Scottsdale, Arizona installed the first freeway photo radar system. We already have them at major intersections to catch both speeders and red light runners. The flow of traffic on Loop 101 in the north valley, including the Scottsdale stretch, was upwards of 80 MPH. this… Continue reading