Here We Go Again – SB 1062 / HB 2153

Here we go again. The Arizona Legislature, in its infinite wisdom, has decided to pass a “religious freedom” bill making legal discrimination against doing business with anyone who doesn’t comply with a person’s religion. This was in response to a lawsuit filed in New Mexico over a wedding photographer who … Continue reading

My 2 Cents Worth

I had not intended to write this post today, but I got wind of a blog post by Mary Robinette Kowal via a blog post by John Scalzi, which I learned about through a twitter post from yet another party. This isn’t about Mary, but the topic she … Continue reading

Monday Status Report – 2/10/14

After about 10 days of stagnation,I made some small progress on the edits for A Darkling Nine. As my self-imposed deadline is fast approaching, I expect progress will ramp up significantly this week.

The big news for this status report is that I finally sold the print rights for a … Continue reading

My Impression of Grace Under Pressure

I’ve been going through the entire catalog of Rush’s studio albums to hear how the band evolved and then I give my impression of each album. Today, Grace Under Pressure.

Grace Under Pressure

Rush Grace Under Pressure on

Rush moved in a new … Continue reading

Self-Editing is Hard

Yesterday, I posted about writing being hard. Today, let’s discuss the concept that Self-Editing is hard.

When you write, it’s an attempt to take a concept from inside your head and communicate it to other people. Some writing fails because the complete thought doesn’t make it to the … Continue reading

2013 – a Writer’s Year in Review

The year started off mired in uncertainty.

January 14th marked the fourth anniversary of my layoff from Freescale. I entered the year determined to make my own business a reality instead of relying on the fickle whims of “The Man.” The first six months were quite difficult as clients … Continue reading

A Potpourri Post

Inline Skates

Day two on the inline skates went pretty well. I skated about a mile and used the cane significantly less than yesterday. I still struggle on the uphill portions but downhill and flat are progressing nicely.


My wife and I have been going through closets. We went … Continue reading