4th Annual Book Drive for Phoenix Rescue Mission


During the last full week of September every year, I donate all income from my book sales to Phoenix Rescue Mission, a local charity that feeds the homeless in Phoenix.

I only see income from the books I have under my complete control, so I can’t make … Continue reading

Blog Hop: Accessing the Future

Accessing the Future Blog Hop

The Future Fire, a publication that has published my fiction, is producing an anthology called Accessing the Future, and it focuses on issues that come with disability. As part of the promotion for their indiegogo campaign, they launched a blog hop … Continue reading

Still Under the Dome

Somehow, I’m still following Under the Dome, the mini-series based on Stephen King’s novel.

There are some really cool ideas in that story, but wow is the execution terrible. Science is magic, and it works just as fast. The characters are cardboard and predictable. The human interaction is unbelievably fake, … Continue reading

Why Sportsball is a Terrible Meme

Geek culture calls it “Sportsball”

Over the past few years I’ve noticed at the beginning of football season that the geek culture brings back this sportsball meme. It’s the non-jock segment of geek culture (which is a very large percentage) perpetuating this.

It sounds something like this: “One squad has … Continue reading

Progress Report 9/2/14

It has been hectic since the last update. No new progress on A Darkling Nine, though the next edit pass must begin soon.

Over on the business side, I’ve been recording the first season of a podcast called Copy This!. It’s a business podcast that will talk about copywriting and … Continue reading