Progress Report 9/2/14

It has been hectic since the last update. No new progress on A Darkling Nine, though the next edit pass must begin soon.

Over on the business side, I’ve been recording the first season of a podcast called Copy This!. It’s a business podcast that will talk about copywriting and … Continue reading

Upcoming Podcast Update

As you may have heard, I’ve been working toward podcasting my novels. Neanderthal Swan Song is currently being recorded by an experienced reader. I won’t identify the reader quite yet, but the little bit I’ve heard sounds good.

I do plan to start recording Fishpunk in the near future, but … Continue reading

Progress Report – 7/28/14

It’s been quite some time since I posted a progress report, mainly because there hadn’t been any progress to report. There are some developments in the works. There is a lot happening under the hood here at Entropy Central.

First, I have been actively editing A Darkling Nine since about … Continue reading

Not All Arizona Laws are Crackpot

For the benefit of those not living under the Arizona Good ol’ Boy Network, here’s some visibility of some legislation that didn’t make national news. Ten laws that go into effect tomorrow, and they aren’t all that crazy.

1. Civil Penalty for boaters who refuse drug or alcohol tests. Arizona … Continue reading

Unpublished Op-Ed on the Slide Fire and Climate Change

During the worst stages of the Slide Fire, I had written the Arizona Republic on the connections between global climate change and the predicted increase of severity of wildfires in the western United States. The slide Fire and climate change, is there a connection? They are apparently not going to … Continue reading

Shooting Ourselves in the Foot

West Virginia Representative David McKinley is a Republican, and drinks the Party Line Kool Aide. In this case, it’s an extremely foolish and short-sighted amendment to a budget bill for the Department of Defense.

The DoD has already begun planning for climate change, but that could end. The McKinley … Continue reading

Pushing the White Male Out – Part Deux

Yesterday, I had a discussion with a person I shall not name. After seeing many of the same same social media statements that I saw, this person asked how I came to my conclusion that this was celebration about inclusion, and not about exclusion.

That’s a very good question, because … Continue reading