Arizona Attempts to Legislate Chemistry

Government Can’t Pass Physical Laws

Last night, Arizona governor Doug Ducey signed a bill into law that severely restricts the permissibility for abortions in the state of Arizona to be paid under any ACA (Obamacare) insurance plan. But, that isn’t what I’m posting about. As in many controvertial issues, both … Continue reading

Usher In the Mathematically Illiterate Society

Math is Too Hard, Dammit!

Apparently, the state of Arizona is headed toward a mathematically illiterate society. We expect too much from from our children, at least, that’s what I gather from this letter to the editor that appeared on the opinions page of today’s Arizona Republic. … Continue reading

Some Thoughts on Trans-Gender and Other People Different from Me

One of the greatest assets with which a person can be blessed is open-mindedness. I was raised in a family who taught me to respect people of all varieties. Add to that some travel to foreign countries and the privilege of earning an advanced degree, and I’ve become fairly good … Continue reading

The Great Science Fiction Civil War

The Great Science Fiction Civil War

While I haven’t been very active in the science fiction and fantasy scene for a couple of years, I have been watching from the sidelines. There is always a certain degree of disagreement in any large group associated by a common bond (like writing) … Continue reading