LepreCon 41

LepreCon 41, Phoenix, AZ

I hadn’t been planning to attend LepreCon 41 this year. LepreCon is often the only con I attend but I’m usually asked to be on program. For some reason, most of the usual guests were not there this year. The convention made a late add of … Continue reading

Lampooning the Hugo Awards – Free Short Story.

aka…The Bluegills, the Bream, and the Shiny Stones

Every once in a while, a writer will produce a piece of fiction with a short shelf-life. Such it is with a story i wrote a couple of months ago. The intention was to make a statement about the 2015 Hugo Awards, … Continue reading

Orson Scott Card’s Literary Boot Camp 2005

Ten years ago this week, I was sitting in Orson Scott Card’s Literary Boot Camp, held in Orem, Utah that year. It is an auditioned workshop held every year by Orson Scott Card. It’s something he does to pay the craft forward, and there have been a number … Continue reading

Let’s Talk About Point of View

It’s a big decision

It really is. When an author sits down at the keyboard and looks at a blank file, there are choices to make. One of those decisions is point of view. In other words, whose eyes are we seeing the story through?

The default is to select … Continue reading