Sale: Electric Jesus

Back when I was still participating in Codex Writers Group, we had a thing called Weekend Warrior. Each person had a set amount of time to write a flash story (under 1000 words) and turn it around for voting. This particular story, Electric Jesus, turned out to not be a good fit for the types of venues where my work typically appears. After a number of rejections from the spec-fic markets, I decided to stop trying to go against the grain and I tried a market more along the lines of the title of the story.

Ancient Paths Online Magazine

So, I’m pleased to announce that my flash story, Electric Jesus, has been accepted for publication by Ancient Paths Online, an electronic magazine published as a Facebook page. My story will appear “sometime within the next five months.”

It will appear here.

If you are fond of that type of story, like the page and get updates. You might even like some of the other stories they publish.

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