Wednesday Writer – Christine Amsden

Today I’m chatting with writer Christine Amsden. I have known her (virtually) since 2005 when I joined Codex, though we have never met in person. One of these days we’ll correct that. I hope you enjoy learning more about her, and click through to check out her website.

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Wednesday Writer – What’s Going On?

Three weeks in a row, no new Wednesday Writer. What’s going on?

As it turns out, we had some spam filter action preventing the writer from receiving the questions. that has been addressed and the writer is working on the answers now.

I have also sent out questions to … Continue reading

Wednesday Writer – John P. Murphy

I’ve known John Murphy through Codex for the past few years. He is engaging and has worked on some interesting projects.

Blog Revamp

One thing I have been pondering is how to get more visits to the blog. To that end, I decided I need to be a bit more structured than I am right now. To that end, I’ll be posting certain types of content on different days of the week. I … Continue reading