My 2 Cents Worth

I had not intended to write this post today, but I got wind of a blog post by Mary Robinette Kowal via a blog post by John Scalzi, which I learned about through a twitter post from yet another party. This isn’t about Mary, but the topic she … Continue reading

My Impression of Grace Under Pressure

I’ve been going through the entire catalog of Rush’s studio albums to hear how the band evolved and then I give my impression of each album. Today, Grace Under Pressure.

Grace Under Pressure

Rush moved in a new direction in their previous album, Signals. In Grace Under Pressure, they refined … Continue reading

2013 – a Writer’s Year in Review

The year started off mired in uncertainty.

January 14th marked the fourth anniversary of my layoff from Freescale. I entered the year determined to make my own business a reality instead of relying on the fickle whims of “The Man.” The first six months were quite difficult as clients … Continue reading

It Never Ends, Not Even on Christmas

My circle of friends is unusual. Let’s take Facebook as an example. I have my old high school, college, and W2 job friends. I also have family there. That’s pretty normal for most people, but because I write science fiction, I also have a substantial circle of people from that … Continue reading

Memories of Leyte: Ormoc and Tacloban

On November 5, 1991, tropical storm Uring caused landslides that dammed a river and ultimately led to catastrophic flooding of Ormoc City on the island of Leyte, Philippines. (See this family’s site for more details and photos.) There were nearly 5000 dead (a few of which can be seen … Continue reading

My Impression of Signals

I’ve been going through the entire catalog of Rush’s studio albums to hear how the band evolved and then I give my impression of each album. Today, Signals.


Rush Signals on

The Signals album represents a radical shift in the style … Continue reading

More on Reunions – The Other Side of the Coin

Last week, I talked a bit about memories and how time changes people. Reunion time always brings back memories of childhood and the days where everything is potential and nothing is yet fulfilled. Memories of the good times and the people you enjoyed spending time with.

There is also a … Continue reading

My Impression of Moving Pictures

I am going through all 20 Rush studio albums in release order and posting my comments about each.

Moving Pictures

Moving Pictures on

OF all the albums in their body of work, I think Rush hit upon the perfect mix of instruments … Continue reading

Thursday Thoughts – A Positive Outlook, Smile!


Like most people, my teenage years were stressful, angst-ridden, and at times downright horrible. One minute you are overjoyed and the next minute you want to lock yourself in your room and hide under a blanket.

As an introvert, I wasn’t very aggressive with meeting new people and making … Continue reading

My Impression of Hemispheres

As I move through all 20 of the Rush studio albums, listening to the evolution of the band, I have been noting my impressions here in my blog. Today, Hemispheres.

Disclaimer: This is my favorite rush album.


Rush Hemispheres on

Sometimes, … Continue reading