Potpourri – Impressions of Star Trek Into Darkness


Did I mention ***SPOILER ALERT*** ?

This film left me with mixed impressions. As a whole and taken on its own, it was a decent film. Then again, I have the hindsight of 4 television series and something like 11 previous films of history before … Continue reading

Potpourri – The Problem of Sexism in SFF

The kernel of this post arose from the recent (and not-so recent) firestorm over sexism in science fiction and fantasy author circles. I’m not going to go into the details of what happened inside SFWA or the organization’s publication, the Bulletin. If you are not up to speed on those … Continue reading

Thursday Thoughts – Reverence

Today rounds out the 12 points of the scout law I have been using to fill the first 12 weeks of this new meme. The twelfth point of the Scout Law reads “A scout is reverent.”

Rarely do I discuss religion on this blog, and never do I evangelize. I … Continue reading

We Want Real Refs!

Yes, it is indeed another NFL post, but this news just won’t go away. The fallout from the Packers-Seahawks game got worse when the NFL issued an arrogant-sounding statement declaring the game will stand as called. It becomes pretty apparent the NFL owners consider the fans to be rubes.

While … Continue reading

The Immaculate Deception

If you are a fan of the NFL, you are undoubtedly upset with the labor dispute between the NFL and the game officials. Last night in Seattle, a badly blown call decided the outcome of a game, and it will have playoff implications in two divisions, the NFC North and … Continue reading

Walmart to Stop Selling Kindle

Walmart recently announced that it will stop selling the Kindle in its stores. Analysts figure this is partly to prevent what is known as showrooming, where customers look at a product in the physical store and then buy it online. Analysts also believe Walmart is taking Amazon as a … Continue reading

Arctic Melt-Down

Arctic sea ice has shrunk to the lowest amount on record, according to this AP article by Seth Borenstein.

The ramifications of this are enormous. Rising sea levels mean coastal devastation globally. It’s coming, folks. Lewis and Clark’s northwest passage is now open, so to speak. Continue reading

Mrs. Jesus

I don’t typically write about religious topics, but over the last couple of days, this seems to be a theme. I read about today’s topic in this morning’s newspaper and found it interesting enough to comment on.

It has come to light recently that Harvard Professor of Divinity Karen … Continue reading

The So-Called Arab Winter

Let’s start out with the confession that, like most Americans, I have no ties to the Middle-East. Because of that, like me, most Americans have difficulty understanding the motivation for the actions of the people in these lands.

Violence erupted on September 11th across the Arab world, supposedly in response … Continue reading

The Other Glass Teat

Harlan Ellison is as controversial a figure in speculative fiction as they come. He’s a say what he thinks, wear his emotions on his sleeves kind of guy. He has a brilliant mastery of the English language, but not exactly a mastery over social interaction. He has done his share … Continue reading